10 Pics You Will Get If You Were Neither An Efiko Nor An Olodo In School

1. When you read with all your power and still get a B minus
The struggle


2. Your answer, whenever someone asks you “how was your paper?

Can’t say more than that abeg.

3. When you hear the class efikos discussing the answers they got after a test.

Can you people let it go

4. When you get 5/20 in a test but you’re still one of the highest in class.

5. When the whole class fails but you’re just glad that:

The class that fails together stays together.

6. You, during every speech and prize giving day:

7. How people look at you when you ask for extra
sheet before the class efiko:

Who is this one?

8.When the class olodo is hiding their work from
you during a test

See my life.

9. That your friend that always says they are going to fail and their result comes and you see an A.

You’ll now be struggling with a C.

10. When you check your result and you didn’t get
an F but then you remember you didn’t get an A

Well, small miracles.

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1585 Views posted Monday, June 20, 2016

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