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We must be willing to let go the life we have planned, so as to have life that is waiting for you. 

By E.M Forster. 

Planning  there say is very  important. Infact  it is an important  saying that if you fail  to plan you have already  plan to fail. But the biggest  question  is that what of if things did not go according  to plan, should we all just sit down and be watching ? 

Let's Us know that when our plans fail it is not the end of the world for us,  instead it is the beginning  for us to restructure  our life to think  more bigger, to do things  we think we couldn't do before. 

In summary  let's  keep planning  but if we don't  achieve  all what we plan, it means that we are planning  beyond  our imagination  or may be planning  below our capability. It is worthy to note that the greatest invention  where never planned  for but where just as a result  of mistake  of some fail plan.  

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Quote of the day

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